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* I originally emailed Mr. Dale in 2006, in an attempt to find an activity best suited for my son, Derek.  Derek is labeled as having ADHD and has always had trouble focusing and following through with tasks.  Mr. Dale has offered a structured setting for my son to excell in aikido and I couldn't be happier.  Derek is now 12 years old and aikido for him has been far more than just an activity.  The vaules Mr. Dale rienforces distinguish him as a fair, patient teacher and I am greatful my son is his student.......Lisa Remley

* Thank you so much for your instruction and guidance. I have not only learned aikido, but about how to be a better parent. There are not adequate words to express my appreciation. I truly feel Vince has a brighter future (as well as myself) because of you and your instruction........Susan DiCocco

* My step-daughter, Devyn, and I had a very positive impression of you and your academy (dojo). I've been to several other schools in Columbus area, trying to find the best one for our needs, and your style of teaching appears to suit us. I was impressed at how you kept the children interested and recognized that you addressed every student by their first name-even the visitors! I watched in amazement at how Devyn paid attention to your every word. When the class was over, she said "this is it!". You certainly kept her intrest the entire time. She even came home and tried to show my wife some of the techniques you demonstated and taught in class. Thank you for inviting us, and we will be in tonight to enroll.......Carlos Domingo, M.D.

*Having been involved in law enforcement for over 20 years, I have received some of the best trainings from some of the best instructors in the world (SWAT, FBI academy, etc.). Additionaly,  I've been exposed to numerous coaching styles and philosophies.  Based on my life experiences and training, I can honestly say that your instruction and training ranks with some of the best training and instructors I've ever received and trained under.  To this day, I have not found a instructor that has the ability to teach children/youth better than you.  There is no doubt in my mind that you are gifted......... Lt. officer Tom Basso